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We are rural Americans with varied interests. Themes of life outside the urban atmosphere are common in our selections. Our married life (since 1981) has been spent in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and New Mexico. For many years, we lived only in towns with populations less than 1500, spending 7 years in the outskirts of a town of 300 at the base of the Teton Mountains in Idaho. We feel a great kinship with country folk in other countries – we are all the same. This is the “rural heart” that pervades our programs.

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Photo by Jim Rogers

As artists, we share that which touches our own lives and hearts. Robert grew up in a strongly Celtic family – three grandparents immigrated from Scotland and Ireland. The family’s identity with (Scottish) Clan Murray was prominent. His maternal grandmother, who came from Scotland, lived to be 104 so Ronnee-Sue was able to enjoy her influence (as well as her cooking, which she had taught Robert). She was a singer before leaving Scotland, and gave Robert her songbooks. We feature some songs in the Scots language, a relict of Old English, including pieces from rural areas.

Photo by Jim Sempek
Photo by Jim Sempek

As husband and wife (since 1981), we enjoy sharing our love of traditional and modern folk music with audiences. We embellish the music with entertaining stories of the events, times, or culture represented. Our concert sets vary instrumentation, voices, and tempo, with some audience participation.

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