AUDIO DEMO – American Lifestyles

Photo by Jim Rogers

Rural life and historical stories are often our main focus.  Songs from other eras or faraway lands are included, consistent with our desire to connect audiences to people of another time or place when we can connect with shared experiences or emotions.

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(1)  Blues for Dixie (O.W. Mayo/Cindy Walker; Guitars-Vocals; 1:52 minutes)

(2) Sylvie (Hudie Ledbetter-“Leadbelly”; a capella with audience participation; 2:39 minutes)

(3) Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine aka Sherman’s March to the Sea  (A traditional tune used in dances and one of fiddlers’ favorites, Fiddle-Guitar, 2:09 minutes)

(4)  The Cat Came Back (Henry S. Miller 1893 & Trad., this song goes back to soap-sellers of the 1890’s; Guitar-Fiddle-Vocals, 3:34 minutes)

(5) Whiskey Before Breakfast & Fiddler’s Dram  (Canadian & Bluegrass/Old-Time “hoe-downs”; Fiddle-Guitar; 1:42 minutes)

(6)  Talking Dog (Peter Cape, New Zealand; lonely guys living out in the boonies might have the the same problems in this country! Mandolin-Guitar; 3:04 minutes)

(7) Stone’s Rag (Oscar Stone-Texas; Fiddle-Guitar; 2:00 minutes)

(8) From the Lambing to the Wool (Judy Small-Australia; this song captures the life of some ranching friends in Idaho and Wyoming; Guitars-Vocals; 4:54 minutes)

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