VIDEO DEMOs – Potpourri & Celtic

Watch us below in a variety of venues. Choose all-Celtic or a sampler (“Potpourri”) of  cultures.  Scroll down for a lively St. Patrick’s Day bonus video:  Tim Finnegan’s Wake!

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(1) POTPOURRI  – Celtic, American, & Original songs & melodies. Original rights retained – copyright & performance © (P)

(2) CELTIC  – Scottish & Irish songs & melodies … we feature some songs in the SCOTS language (a relict of Old English different from “King’s English”)

(3) Tim Finnegan’s Wake – performed live on St. Patrick’s Day (Bodhran-Guitar-Vocals; 2:45 minutes)

©(P)Copyright & sound recording rights held on all music and video; copyright held on text and  photos.  Please ask for permission to copy or download.  (We encourage downloading the brochure & promotional package materials.)

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