AUDIO DEMO – More Originals

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Photo by Robert-Mountain Aire Folk Music

Here are more originals by Ronnee-Sue.  They include vocals, piano, flute, and a march that has been scored for piano/vocal, concert band, and orchestra.  Copyright & sound recording rights held on all compositions. © (P).

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(1) Heaven on Earth (Husband, Home and Horses) (Guitar-Vocal, 3:06 minutes)

(2) Homesick on the Road (Guitar-Vocal, 1:47 minutes)

(3) For Emmy (Flute-Guitar, 2:09 minutes)

(4) Sweet Dreams, My Love (Piano, 2:32 min)

(5) Workin’ Couples’ Blues (Guitar-Vocal, 1:35 min)

(6) Al & Audrey (Mom & Dad) (Guitar-Vocal, 4:36 min)

(7) Pinos Altos’ Joe (written upon his death; Guitar-Vocal, 6:11 min)

(8) Pledge of Allegiance March   (Piano-Vocal arrangement; 1:00 minute)

(9) Pledge of Allegiance March – Band  (Computer “band” arrangement; 1:00 minute)

©(P)Copyright & sound recording rights held on all music and video; copyright held on text and  photos.  Please ask for permission to copy or download.  (We encourage downloading the brochure & promotional package materials.)

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